Benefits of Carlisle Sure-Seal EPDM

  1. Membrane s life – 50 years

    As the independent studies prove, the sheets of EPDM have a life of 50 years or more (more specific information on demand)

  2. Water impermeability and diffusion

    The EPDM (robber) in absolutely impermeable and between all roofing materials has by far the best values of diffusion.

  3. Extensibility

    The excellent extensibility is one of the most important advantages of the EPDM membrane. While other membranes contract or tear in case of big temperature fluctuation, EPDM adapt to atmospheric conditions. Extensibility 400 , Extensibility after 40 years: 250

  4. Without soaking additives (without material embittlement)

    EPDM doesn’t contain soaking additives like PVC does, therefore the EPDM will not become fragile or rigid after the soaking additive will volatilise.

  5. 100 % UV-resistent, OZON IR

    The UV stabilizers are added up and offers ozone, chemicals, greases and hydrocarbon (oil) resistance to the EPDM membrane. Not even atmospherical infuences like the acid rain can‘t affect the EPDM.

  6. Fire resistance

    EPDM sheets fully-adhered or mecanical-fastened are fireproof ( contain fire reterdants.

  7. Resistant against biological attacks – stabil to roots

    Resistant against biological attacks – stabil to roots – this advantage is important specialy for supplementary loaded roofs and for green roofs (with verdure) (formation of microbes).

  8. Ecological

    EPDM does not contain halogenous, chloride or brom substances and is recycleble.

  9. Reduced own weight

    With an weight of only 1,3 kg/m³ (EPDM with a thickness of 1,14 mm) untill maximum 1,9 kg/m², the EPDM sheets are more lightweight than many other materials.

  10. Sure-Seal EPDM reinforced (reinforced with a warp)

    The reinforcement warp ensures an increased extensibiliy, puncture and breaking resistance with minimum contraction of the material. The membrane can slso be mechanically fastened. The reinforced EDPM is sure against hail, as required in Factory Mutual 4470.

Benefits of installation costs and application EPDM

  1. Benefits of installation costs and application EPDM

    The proportion quality – price for Carlisle Sure-Seal EPDM is unbeatable. At Carlisle you can find best quality roofing membranes. The price for example for ballasted system is often not more expensive then competitor’s prices with indisputable more badly quality products.

  2. Extended aplication – costs reduction

    With an unique world level width until 15,25 m and with a standard lenght of 61 m the EPDM membrane sheets can be applied very easy and quickly. Through eliminating the seamed joinings the usually application costs can be substancial reduced.

  3. Simple and quick processing – saving time

    The consequent research over the application process and the continuous impriving of the products made the Carlisle’s roofing membranes application to be simple and effective.

    1. The Single-ply roofing sistems have the big advantage of beeing applicable more easier then other roofing systems in 2 or more plies for example bitumen.
    2. The aplication time can be substantial reduced.
    3. The EPDM sheets can be applied on allmost any surface – even for bitumen drainage and wooden surfaces.

  4. The complete system of accessories

    Carlisle offers for all locations the necessary accessories. Components, connection strips, fasteners, adhesives or sealants – everything you need for processing the membrane sheets you find in a single place.

  5. Safe fire processing

    In contrast with bitumen, the EPDM sheets are processed without using flame. The danger of accidents and fires is substantial reduced.