The Building‘s sector has transformed very quickly in the last years. Many old well known companies have disappered and much many novices appeared. The technical evolution offers new and better solutions for the classical problems. Athos SynTec s.r.o. is a young and dynamic company, which keeps up with the newest and most evoluated techniques on the building‘s market and which intend to occupy, in a relative short time, a strong position on the market. Carlisle succeeded as world leader and with a market quota of 40% in SUA to create a proper platform. We from Athos SynTec s.r.o. and Athos SynTec s.r.l. want now to facilitate the definitive succes of Carlisle‘s Sure-Seal EPDM and Sure-Weld TPO on the est – european market. Through a solid personnel training and a very rigorously made quality control in production and manufacture sphere, Carlisle and Athos SynTec s.r.o confers the investor with an optimum warranty regarding the quality. Through this web-site, as much the architects as the roofing companies, will be well-informed about the multiple possibilities and solutions offered by Carlisle. We hope that on our web-site you will find answers to all your questions. For more information we stay anytime at your disposal.


As each decade can be symbolized by an event, milestone or trend in our country's pop culture, technology, leadership, sports or music, Carlisle is proud to be both a pioneer and a part of the roofing industry revolution that began more than 4 decades ago. By introducing innovative and revolutionary products and systems, the roofing industry has changed forever. As our country enters a new millennium that promises to be peppered with revolutionary milestones, Carlisle celebrates the completion of more than 300,000 projects involving more than 1 billion square meters roofing membrane across 50 states, and looks forward to researching and developing quality, innovative products for decades to come. Choose Carlisle for your next single-ply roofing installation and discover or reconfirm our commitment to manufacturing quality products and providing exceptional customer services. We will, in turn, give you back our more than 40 years of Experience, Innovation and Reliability with every installation.

EXPERIENCE: Carlisle pioneered the U.S. production of sheet membrane roofing materials and after more than 40 years, is still committed to providing the best long-term single-ply roofing systems, services and warranties in the commercial and industrial marketplace.

INNOVATION: While EPDM remains the core of Carlisle's product line and continues to be the largest single product segment of the commercial roofing industry, Carlisle is dedicated to meeting all your roofing needs. Over the last few years this commitment has resulted in product line extensions with the building of a state-of-the-art TPO membrane manufacturing facility producing seamless, thermoplastic panels up to 12'-wide.

RELIABILITY: From manufacturing our own EPDM, TPO and adhesive products to our field experience, roof system designs and unsurpassed warranty assurance, our mission is to provide the best long-term roofing solutions for any commercial/industrial application.